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Warnable offers a suite of emergency response solutions for K-12 school districts and higher education. Warnable helps schools more efficiently respond to fire alarms, lockdowns, weather delays, and more.



Hospital emergency management teams and safety committees can use Warnable to notify staff and ensure the preparedness of the population to respond to any emergency (Code Red, Code Silver, etc.).




Corporations and other institutions can benefit from the two-way communication capabilities of Warnable, which ties all staff into the same channel and provides easy access to relevant information regarding each event.


City municipalities can use Warnable to immediately notify and secure populations within the multiple buildings that are under city control.





Our Mission & Team

At Warnable, our mission is to improve the safety of people and institutions everywhere through the use of technology. Using crowd-sourced technology and pairing it with tactical strategies borrowed from the military, Warnable aims to enable institutions to remain prepared for any type of threat that it may face.

While technology has advanced to allow people to hail cabs from their phones or use virtual reality to guide them around cities, emergency response innovations has largely remained stagnant. The technology, methods, and procedures for dealing with emergencies today have not changed materially since the fire alarm was invented in 1890. At the same time, institutions are facing the problem of addressing a growing number of threats with very different needs for each situation. This includes the recent emergence of the intelligent attacker, who possesses the ability to individually wreak mass havoc. While these attacks are happening on an increasing basis, gun control remains a contentious issue that is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. The need for a tool that helps institutions guide their populations through crisis has never been greater than it is today.

By empowering individuals through the use of smartphones that are ubiquitous in today’s society, Warnable aims to take the emergency response philosophy of “See something, say something” to a whole new level./


Meet the Leadership Team

Wesley Lau


Chief Executive Officer

Before Warnable, Wesley spent close to a decade working in finance and most recently spent 5 years in an entrepreneurial hedge fund environment, gaining experience in nearly every facet of the business. Among other things, Wesley has experience in strategic planning, operations, accounting, marketing, and more.
He holds a degree from Bucknell University in economics and is a CFA Charterholder.


Adam Wolfson


Chief Technology & Marketing Officer

A lifelong entrepreneur and self-taught programmer, Adam has a wide array of experience in development, marketing, finance, operations, and more. Previously, Adam built Booklupe, an online-based college textbook marketplace which won top honors in a venture-backed state competition. Most recently, Adam spent his time at a Japanese Corporate & Investment Bank in the structured/asset/transportation finance group. He holds a degree from Johnson and Wales University in business and marketing communications.

Bayo Olatunji


Chief Engineer

An expert in all-things-mobile, Bayo comes from Microsoft and most recently served as Program Manager on the Windows Mobile Team, working with the major telephone carriers. Bayo is a visionary who loves the challenge of solving big problems.
He holds a BS in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



The Warnable Solution


We aim to innovate


Popular Uses Include:



Keep Conversations Specific to the Event

Our platform is designed so users can focus their communication efforts on a single event. Each alert can be customized to fit a desired use case or scenario. Warnable gives administrators the decisions to chose what fits best for their community.


Some of the tools that can be attached to an alert include: the ability to chat, check-in others, and view other pertinent information about the event itself.



Everything a Person Needs to Respond. In One Place.

Alerts and Notifications

Warnable notifies your population via push notification, email, or text. Users are alerted when an event happens. They also receive notifications when there are updates, and can be notified when the event has been cleared.


See where an event happened and where to relocate. Administrators can designate a safe point as needed during evacuations or other events. Safe points can be changed or updated on the fly, allowing administrators to dynamically respond and guide their populations to safety.

Response Plans

Knowing what to do during an emergency is a necessity. No more searching through response binders or safety plans to figure out what to do. Instructions are clearly displayed for users to follow.






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