Emergency Communication & Response

Event Based Alerts

Communications are contained within a single event. Reach people via app, text, or email.

Real-time Chat and Check-ins

Communicate via chat. Users can check-in themselves or their population in real time.


See where an event was sent from. Administrators can designate a relocation point, notifying users where to go.

Response Plans

Provide plans for each event, so everyone can easily see what to do for each situation.

Use Cases


  • Fire drills
  • Lockdowns and Lockouts
  • Shelter-In-Place
  • Weather events
  • Missing child

Daily Communication

  • Request for security
  • Report medical situation
  • Notify staff or specific team
  • Staff messages and updates

Industries Served


Our church safety team has used Warnable for the past few years as a means to immediately get everyone on the same page during an off-base situation. The system gives the administration vital data and the ability to communicate with the staff in real-time. The Warnable Team is very responsive to our needs as a district and has been a partner in its implementation.
Mark Lavender / Safety Team Director / First Baptist Church Loganville
Warnable was a game changer for the city of Norwalk. Having served in in law enforcement for close to 30 years and providing safety inspections/recommendations for a variety of institutions, I haven’t seen a system that comes close to being able to equip a building population to stay informed and respond. The tie-in with Norwalk’s first responders and dispatch allows us to respond more effectively to situations. With a direct line to all members within a building, we are able to receive data points that we may not have had otherwise, which can be critical during time-sensitive events.
Deputy Police Chief Ashley Gonzalez / City of Norwalk
Our school uses the Warnable app to send messages en mass to our staff for evacuation drills and lock down drills. It provides us with a new way of communicating with our staff efficiently in real time in ways that email and text cannot.
Rob Magliaro, Assistant Principal / Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (NY)
We used [Warnable] for a number of smaller issues, that we’ve been able to de-escalate without people even knowing. You can train your volunteers as much as you want, but when a situation arises.. you don’t remember. Now with your phone, you’re able to see the 6 things you’re supposed to do, and how you’re supposed to respond as a volunteer/usher/etc. We're a big proponent of [Warnable].. this has been huge for us
Jeremy Taylor, Executive Director / Black Rock Church