Frequently Asked Questions

Is it app only?

No. Only key administrators need to download the app. We can deliver events via app, text, or email where they may be opened via phone, tablet, or desktop.

This makes implementation much easier for administrators, as they only need to provide contact information of users in order to reach them.

Is Warnable only for fire drills and lockdowns?

No. While Warnable was designed to help organizations with safety drills, it is a useful tool for communications where you need to get in contact with certain people quickly, and provide them with certain tools to respond.

How is this different from walkie talkie radios?

Radios are great, but in many organizations it does not make sense for everyone to have one. Meanwhile, everyone has a phone. Warnable is great for discreet communication as radios require earpieces to avoid broadcasting information to surrounding people.

Plus, radios require training and people need to know to remember to switch onto the right frequency / carry it on them.

Can I try Warnable first?

Definitely! Contact us for a trial.