Mission Statement

Warnable's mission is..

..to improve the safety and communication of people and organizations everywhere through the use of technology.

Using crowd-sourced technology and pairing it with strategies employed by first responders and safety professionals, Warnable aims to help organizations stay prepared and ready to respond to any situation that it needs to plan for.

Our Philosophy

By empowering individuals through the use of smartphones that are ubiquitous in today’s society, Warnable aims to take the emergency response philosophy of “See something, say something” to a whole new level.

About Us

Warnable was conceived of by two childhood friends, Wesley and Adam, who reconnected after a decade in the corporate world and wanted to create a business that would leave a meaningful impact on the world.

In his previous job, Wesley served as a volunteer fire warden. During a series of events ranging from the 2011 earthquake that was felt in NYC to building gas leaks, he noticed that despite detailed plans on what to do in an emergency, when an actual event happened people panicked and plans were never followed through. Wesley and Adam wondered if there was a better way to quickly report and respond to emergency situations that kept everyone in the loop.

The two quickly created a prototype for Warnable and brought it to their hometown school district, where they learned about the issues that district safety professionals and first responders faced in dealing with situations. From there, they refined the system and created a customizable system that lets each organization tailor responses to their specific needs.

Three years later, Warnable is used by a variety of different organizations for safety drills and event management in over 20 states domestically and multiple countries.