Mission Statement

Warnable's mission is..

..to improve the safety and communication of people and organizations everywhere through the use of technology.

Using crowd-sourced technology and pairing it with strategies employed by first responders and safety professionals, Warnable aims to help organizations stay prepared and ready to respond to any situation that it needs to plan for.

Our Philosophy

By empowering individuals through the use of smartphones that are ubiquitous in today’s society, Warnable aims to take the emergency response philosophy of “See something, say something” to a whole new level.

About Us

Warnable is a software platform that solves the age old problem that exists in almost every building across the nation, which how to communicate before, during, and after an emergency?

Our application lets staff members and/or administrators instantly alert one another of various types of alerts. When needed, staff members can account for members of their community through the application and ensure the safety of everyone in the building. The proper emergency response plan is clearly displayed on the app for users, and all members of the app are tied into live updates. Using the app, users can send out customized Warnable™ alerts within seconds to alert their population of a potential threat or issue. Information can be relayed through a variety of means including text, voice, GPS, pictures, and/or video.

Administrators can review the alert, contact the original sender for more information if needed, and then broadcast the alert to the rest of the population. The app's unique check-in feature allows administrators to instantly verify the safety of each member of the population, and see at a glance who is unaccounted for. Members can also use the live chat to further communicate new developments or additional safety steps to dynamically respond to the threat as it evolves. Warnable provides administrators with the flexibility to customize the app to suit the unique needs of each school. Features that can be modified include (but are not limited to) templates, audiences, response protocols and approval processes.

Today, Warnable is used by a variety of different organizations across multiple industries for safety drills and situational communciation in over 30 states domestically and multiple countries.